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Development and Heritage of the Military Orders in Croatia - milOrd ● (IP-2019-04-5513)

The goal of the project is to carry out an interdisciplinary research of the military orders, primarily in the Croatian part of the Kingdom of Hungary and Croatia, by observing their development and transformation of their sites since their arrival in the middle of the 12th century until the arrival of the Ottomans and departure of the Knights Hospitaller. An attempt will be made to detect different presumed influences of the military orders on local societies.

In order to achieve this, a research team of scientists and experts from various scientific disciplines with extensive experience in the research of this subject was formed. The feasibility of the project is significantly influenced by the fact that archaeological research on which the project is based was led by the members of the project team (Juraj Belaj, Marko Meštrov, Marija Mihaljević and Ratko Ivanušec), while other members participated in them (Siniša Krznar, Filomena Sirovica, Dinko Tresić Pavičić and Sebastijan Stingl). Other associates were also carefully selected as members of the research team based on their experience in: grave and skeletal sample analysis (Željka Bedić), analysis of grave finds, fortresses and ceramics from the observed period (Tatjana Tkalčec and Siniša Krznar) and establishing systems for collecting, storing and processing data in a digital environment (Dinko Tresić Pavičić, Filomena Sirovica). Art historians included in the project analysed the architecture of the military orders on a number of occasions (Ratko Ivanušec and Iva Papić), while historians are distinguished Croatian and Hungarian experts on the subject (Marija Karbić and Zsolt Hunyadi). Renata Šoštarić is a leading Croatian expert on archaeobotanical analyses. With their knowledge and competencies, as well as their openness to interdisciplinary approach to the subject, the members of the project team guarantee a sustainable approach and successful implementation of project goals. The project will provide new insights to the doctoral student involved in the project by giving him/her the opportunity for interdisciplinary development.

Project’s web-site:

Project duration: 1st January 2020 – 31st December 2023

Contributors to the project: Juraj Belaj, Tatjana Tkalčec, Siniša Krznar (Institute of Archaeology), Zsolt Hunyadi (Institute of History of University of Szeged), Renata Šoštarić ((Faculty of Science), Marija Karbić (Croatian Institute of History), Marija Mihajević (Municipal Museum Nova Gradiška), Željka Bedić suradnik (Anthropological Centre of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts), Filomena Sirovica (Archaeological Museum in Zagreb), Dinko Tresić Pavičić (Kaducej d. o. o.), Ratko Ivanušec (Ministry of Culture - Conservation Department Slavonski Brod), Iva Papić (Ministry of Culture - Conservation Department Osijek), Marko Meštrov (Public institution "Agency of the Han Vrana"), Sebastijan Stingl (adjunct)



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