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Tar - Stancija Blek

Leading institutions: Institute of Archaeology, Poreč heritage museum, Alma Mater - University of Bologna

Directors: dr. Ana Konestra, Gaetano Benčić, prof., dr. Enrico Cirelli

Theme: Environment and cultural landscapes


Sites where development of a Roman rural settlement into the subsequent periods can be followed are rare on the eastern Adriatic, and seldom the transformations of a Roman rural residential and productive complex into a fortified settlement can be observed. One such site, probably the Old Tar mentioned in historic sources, is located Istria, in the environs of Stanzia Blek in Tar-Vabriga/Torre-Abrega Municipality.

Research at this unique site dates back to several decades ago, but systematic excavations initiated through a collaboration of the Institute of Archaeology and Poreč heritage museum started in 2008. Since 2016 the Department of History and Cultures of the Alma Mater - University of Bologna has joined the research team allowing to substantial enlarge the researched area around the preserved central building of the Medieval settlement - the tower.

Research has so far tackled various areas of the Roman settlement and the Medieval fortification, including a small (early) Medieval chapel and the adjacent sepulchral area. In the wider area of the site two campaigns of geophysical prospection have been carried out in collaboration with dr. hab. Fabian Welc (Institute of Archaeology of Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University in Warsaw).

The research is financed by the Ministry of culture and media of the Republic of Croatia, Tar-Vabriga/Torre-Abrega Municipality and Tourist board, Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Alma Mater - University of Bologna.



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