Completed projects


Projects of the Croatian Science Foundation

Iron Age Female Identities in the Southern Carpathian Basin ● FEMINE (IP-06-2016-1749) 2017. – 2021.
Iron production along the Drava River in the Roman period and the Middle Ages: Creation and transfer of knowledge, technologies and goods - TransFER (2017-2021)
Late Bronze Age mortuary practices and society in southern Carpathian Basin (BAMPICa)2014. – 2016.
Roman Economy in Dalmatia: production, distribution and demand in the light of pottery workshops2015. – 2018.
Strategic use of landscape in prehistoric and historical periods2014. – 2016.

Projects of the Ministry of Science and Education

Mediaeval archaeological heritage of Croatia (5th-17th century)2007. – 2013.
Myth in space2014. – 2015.
The archaeological topography of Croatia in antiquity2007. – 2013.
The development and mobility of protohistoric communities in continental Croatia2007. – 2013.
The genesis and evolution of Bronze Age communities in Northern Croatia2007. – 2013.
The mediaeval settlement of northern Croatia in the light of archaeological sources2007. – 2013.
The Northern Croatian Littoral in the context of an antique defence system2007. – 2013.
The prehistoric identity of the first farming communities in continental Croatia2007. – 2013.

Institute projects

Burial rites and customs of Issa in the period between the 4th and 1st centuries BC2014. – 2019.
Ceramics in archeology2014. – 2019.
Churches, cemeteries and burial rites in the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Period2014. – 2019.
Communications and the dynamics of the exchange of goods, and their influence on the organization of space in the Eastern Adriatic, with special emphasis on late antiquity
Cultural and chronological relationships of Neolithic and Eneolithic communities in Southern Pannonia2014. – 2019.
Diet in the past2014. – 2019.
Economy and exchange2014. – 2019.
Glass production and trade during antiquity and the Middle Ages
Identification of archaeological sites by remote sensing2014. – 2019.
Mediaeval fortifications and settlements: processes of territorial and social organization in the interfluve of the Drava and Sava rivers2014. – 2019.
Middle La Tène female costume in the southern part of the Carpathian Basin – a marker of identity and/or ethnicity?2014. – 2019.
New aspects of identity: the Romanization process in South Pannonia2014. – 2019.
Northern Adriatic landscape: relationship between humans and space through historical periods2014. – 2019.
Paleoenvironmental reconstruction and the influence of climatic changes on the appearance and evolution of prehistoric communities2014. – 2019.
Recognizing the pre-industrial iron manufacture in the basin of the Drava river – raw materials, processing technology and socio-cultural relationships
Sacralization of landscape – mechanisms and processes of sacral organization of space2014. – 2019.
Technology of metal2014. – 2019.
Textile remains in archaeology2014. – 2019.
The cultural mish-mesh of Issa: In pursuit of acculturation dynamics in one of the latest Greek settelements2014. – 2019.
The dynamics of development of Bronze Age settlements2014. – 2019.
The dynamics of habitation in the Danube Basin and hinterland in the protohistoric period2014. – 2019.
The Employment of Computed Tomography (CT) in the Analysis of Bioarchaeological Samples2014. – 2019.
The environment as a factor in the formation of trade networks: hillfort settlements in the Eastern Adriatic
The identity of the inhabitants of Roman settlements in Pannonia: the relationship of the prehistoric tradition and new elements2014. – 2019.
The infrastructure, visual and cultural identity of settlements and the culture of everyday life in central Croatia during the protohistoric period2014. – 2019.
The production of metals and deposition of hoards in the Bronze Age
The regional and the local: elements of costume in the light of expressing identity of indigenous protohistoric communities2014. – 2019.
The role and position of military orders in the structure of the mediaeval society2014. – 2019.
The role of trade and exchange during Late La Tène in south-eastern Pannonia
The structure of late antique identities in the settlements of late antique Pannonia2014. – 2019.
Trade and cultural exchange in the Hellenistic Mediterranean
Tradition and innovation at the beginning of the Early Iron Age2014. – 2019.

International projects

"Iron-Age-Danube" Monumentalized Early Iron Age Landscapes in the Danube river basin2017. – 2019.

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