Tatjana Tkalčec


Scientific Advisor

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She is engaged in research of broad topics covering the Early, High and Late Middle Ages (material culture and identities of medieval settlements, fortifications, churches and cemeteries), and was specialized in defence systems and fortifications (defended doctoral dissertation entitled “The Defensive System of Mediaeval Slavonia - Archaeological View” at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb in 2008).

She was employed at the Institute of Archaeology in 2000, since when she has collaborated on four Institute scientific projects on the medieval archaeological heritage and settlement of northern Croatia (2000-2013). She is a researcher on two Institute´s scientific projects funded by the Croatian Science Foundation: “Iron production along the Drava River in the Roman period and the Middle Ages: Creation and transfer of knowledge, technologies and goods” (2017-2021) and “Development and Heritage of the Military Orders in Croatia” (2020-2024).

As an external associate at the graduate study of archaeology at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb, she teaches the courses “Archaeology of the Late Middle Ages” (2009-2015), “Archaeology of the Late Middle Ages and Modern Period” (2016 to present), “Medieval Pottery” (2016 to present day), “Archaeology of the Avars and Slavs from 6th till 9th century” (academic year 2018/19). Also, she has been teaching at the doctoral study of archaeology at the same faculty since 2008, and is a mentor and co-mentor of student graduate and doctoral theses.

She has participated in many archaeological research projects in Croatia and Slovenia. She was the leader of numerous projects of archaeological and archaeological-conservation research and reconnaissance of medieval fortifications, rural settlements, churches and cemeteries in Croatia, with an emphasis on the area of northern Croatia.

Her special research interest is the patterns of formation and transformation of fortified settlements in the area of medieval Slavonia (Regnum Sclavoniae) and beyond in the area between the Sava, Drava and Danube interfluves. Her research on the topic of indicative high-status objects, i.e. “material markers” with which the medieval elite expresses their identities, should be emphasized.

She actively publishes the results of her research in scientific papers and participates in numerous international scientific conferences. She has also distinguished herself in the editorial work of scientific journals and the work of professional associations, especially by launching the scientific journal of the Historical Society of Križevci “Cris”, of which she was the editor-in-chief for many years. She disseminates knowledge to a wider audience through museum exhibitions and public lectures.

Research interests: mediaeval castles, noble´s strongholds, churches, rural settlements, everyday life in the Middle Ages, material markers of the identity of medieval elites, mediaeval environment.


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