Tradition and innovation at the beginning of the Early Iron Age

Changes in technology were necessarily accompanied by corresponding changes in culture, society and everyday life. The research is carried out as a synthesis of all so far known objects used by the communities in everyday life, observed through the prism of changes at the beginning of the Early Iron Age in the Carpathian Basin. The focus is on everyday items used over a longer period and on the attempts to produce and use the same types made in new materials. A special emphasis is placed on the association of costume and identity of women in the light of technological, cultural and social changes at the beginning of the Early Iron Age. Burial customs are used as an example for studying models of the preservation of tradition and of the changes in the spirituality of the inhabitants of the time. Targeted archaeological excavations of several cemeteries dated to the turn of the Bronze and Iron Ages complement our understanding of the tradition and changes in the spiritual life of these communities.

Daria Ložnjak Dizdar



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