Trade and cultural exchange in the Hellenistic Mediterranean

During the Hellenistic era, as particularly vibrant period of commercial life and cultural interaction, the Mediterranean was marked by an upsurge in mobility of goods and people. The study of material culture, with special emphasis on the aspects of production, dispersal, social use and the transference as well as transformation of the cultural significance of ceramic artefacts, provides the possibility of gaining insights into the dynamics of trade and other forms of exchanges not only of goods but also of ideas interwoven into the social-political-cultural development of the respective communities. In this regard, the special focus is set on the area of the central eastern Adriatic, and the entanglement of its above-mentioned development with the active participation of this region in creation of Mediterranean connectivity routes.


Dr. sc. Branko Kirigin, Archaeological museum Split

Priv. Doz. Mag. Dr. Sabine Ladstätter (Director of the Austrian Institute of Archaeology in Vienn and leader of archaeological investigations in Ephesos), Austrian Institute of Archaeology

Ass. prof. dr. Branimir Šegvić, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, USA

Dr. Francesca Silvestrelli, Università del Salento, Dipartamento di Beni Culturali


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