The role of trade and exchange during Late La Tène in south-eastern Pannonia

During Late La Tène in south-eastern Pannonia, that is, in the territory of the Scordisci, a complex network of settlements was documented, which included fortified and open settlements. Previous research had usually underscored the position of fortified settlements of the Scordisci as centres of production, as well as of exchange and trade. However, the investigations of open settlements point to a need to reevaluate this model, suggesting that the pattern of population and distribution networks were far more complex. The thing is, in addition to dominant local forms, several open settlements yielded material legacy that bears witness to contacts with neighbouring and distant areas, among which those with central Europe are most clearly discernible. The analysis of imports shows that the objects included prestigious goods for the warrior elite, but also items of costume and jewellery for broader levels of society.

Marko Dizdar



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