The infrastructure, visual and cultural identity of settlements and the culture of everyday life in central Croatia during the protohistoric period

This research topic focuses on studying the layout and infrastructure of protohistoric settlements, as well as on uncovering segments of their everyday internal life. Attempts are made at analysing the structure and infrastructure of settlements through analyses of constructions and reconstructions of the appearance and function of different types of dwelling structures and their spatial distribution. Research within this topic shall also concentrate on smaller functional units within settlements, like individual households, in an attempt at gaining insight into the daily life of such units, and conseqently also the settlement as a whole. An important role in this context is reserved for analyses of ceramic and other movable archaeological finds, which, benefitting from the necessary interdisciplinary approach, in synergy with the elements of settlement architecture, speak about the visual, cultural, cult and socio-political identities of individuals, settlements and communities in the protohistoric periods in central Croatia.

Saša Kovačević


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