The Employment of Computed Tomography (CT) in the Analysis of Bioarchaeological Samples

The tendency to apply advanced computer techniques in modern bioarchaeology by using medical CT scanners is increasingly becoming a conditio sine qua non due to the fact that standard radiography, mostly employed so far, generates only limited information on 3D objects. Leaving the dental component aside, CT was only rarely employed in bioarchaeological research in Croatia so far, remaining limited to a few case reports – on osteochondroma (Šlaus et al. 2000) and two trepanations (Novak et al. 2013, Boljunčić, Hat, 2015) and similar cases. Within the topic in question, for the first time in Croatian bioarchaeology we applied techniques of computed tomography in the study of injuries of two adults (Zagajci, Zvonimirovo) (Boljunčić, Hat, 2014), as well as more broadly (work in process). Such an approach reinforces the credibility of analyses and raises the level of quality of work.

Jadranka Boljunčić


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