Middle La Tène female costume in the southern part of the Carpathian Basin – a marker of identity and/or ethnicity?

Functional-decorative items of costume and annular jewellery from female graves are one of the key determinants of the Middle La Tène material culture in the southern part of the Carpathian Basin. The southern part of the Carpathian Basin has so far yielded different types of iron and bronze belts and fibulae that can be connected with contemporaneous forms from other sites in the Carpathian Basin, but also from the wider area of Central Europe. Analyses of distribution of individual forms bear testimony to the directions and intensity of contacts, pointing to the mobility of women. In the same vein, female costume plays an important symbolical role in the study of social relationships, as a visual representation of affiliation to specific ethnic, social, age or clan groups. Due to this, it is exceptionally important to study closed burial contexts in which different types of objects are combined into distinct costumes.

Marko Dizdar



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