Mediaeval fortifications and settlements: processes of territorial and social organization in the interfluve of the Drava and Sava rivers

The dynamics of population density is researched through the prism of rural settlements (list of researched settlements and bibliography) and fortifications (list of sites). The infrastructure of individual settlements is studied in detail, from the functioning of the smallest unit – house (or family, in the sociological sense) through public areas and goods (communications, central spaces, water sources, economic and farming areas). Research also focuses on the mutual territorial and administrative relationships of fortifications and settlements; on the typology of settlements and fortifications from morphological and functional aspects; the standard of living of different sociological groups within the society, with the aim to create a model for recognizing how a community functioned and the totality of life in a given area, which in the context of the Middle Ages is based on a complex relationship between the elite (secular and sacred) and the lower strata of society.

Tatjana Tkalčec, Tajana Sekelj Ivančan

2nd International Conference of Mediaeval Archaeology "Mediaeval Settlements in the Light of Archaeological Sources" (Book of Abstracts)

ZIA6 (2nd International Conference of Mediaeval Archaeology Proceedings )

4th International Conference of Mediaeval Archaeology "Fortifications, defence systems, structures and features in the past"



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