Basic Institute’s scientific researches

In the coming period, the Institute of Archaeology will direct its scientific potential towards two, within which, with regard to the present human assets and available infrastructure, several thematic units have been distinguished. In the new social circumstances and the present scientific challenges, research is oriented towards defined thematic frameworks, that is, towards the study of certain narrower thematic units in the broader spatial and temporal scales. In developing the strategic programme, the starting point for the Institute are the expected needs of society in terms of scientific research, whose objective is to improve previous scientific understanding and foster sustainable social development. The research is, above all, marked by future challenges and the potential for developing archaeology as a part of the humanities, with perceived great opportunities for the development of multi- and inter-disciplinary research. Research with this kind of an orientation is carried out through national and international scientific projects and other contractual projects whose aim is to highlight regional features resulting from the specific geopolitical position of Croatia at the crossroads of Central and South-East Europe.

The orientation towards a new scientific thematic focus is a response to the needs of the previous accelerated development of archaeological science, and here it should be pointed out that the proposed direction of research is partly based on the Institute’s previously conducted basic research and scientific-research projects. The proposal for new thematic investigations has its core precisely in the completed or currently operative basic research projects, with an important novelty in the form of topics designed in such a way that several basic research projects may be integrated within a single scientific thematic unit.

The research plan of the Institute of Archaeology is based on the following research topics:

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