1st Round table of the Research project TransFER


We are inviting You to the 1st Round table of the Research project TransFER - Iron production along the Drava River in the Roman period and the Middle Ages: Creation and transfer of knowledge, technologies and goods (IP-2016-06-5047) financed by the Croatian Science Foundation. At the Round table the results of the first year of research on the project will be presented. Future research and expected results will be also discussed for the forthcoming project period.

The results will be presented by: Dr Tajana Sekelj Ivančan, Principal investigator (Institute of Archaeology, Zagreb) Ivan Valent, MA archaeol., doctoral student (Koprivnica City Museum) Tomislav Brenko, doctoral student (Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering, University of Zagreb) Dr Branko Mušič, assistant professor (University of Ljubljana, Department of Archaeology, Slovenia)

March 27th 2018 at 11 AM  Institute of Archaeology, Library Ljudevita Gaja 32, Zagreb

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