The database of antique archaeological sites of the Republic of Croatia

About the project

The project The database of antique archaeological sites of the Republic of Croatia of the Institute of Archeology (DATABASE) uses up the treasures of Croatian archaeological sites as a fundemantal basis. It has been set up in order to structure the data collected in the work of the Institute. As a source of data the available literature is used together with knowledge gathered from the Institute's scientific activities and all of those stored in the archives of the Institute of Archeology. It is about creating a database of archaeological sites, in other words, the foundation for science, culture, preservation of Croatian heritage, as well as the presentation of cultural tourism. DATABASE is based on archaeological sites in Croatia that are either known in the literature or established by field research and reconnaissance, with the aim of creating tools that provide easier access to the data needed for future scientific research, heritage management and the creation of professional and scientific projects that fundamentally represent archaeological heritage. The database is enriched with information about archaeological sites that are attractive enough to become a tourist destination. The availability of data enables business, scientific and private entities from Croatia as well as the whole world to access information about the desired cultural archeological destination. The created DATABASE enables the access and recognition of the scientific achievements of the Institute of Archeology to a scientific, professional and wider community, and thus, the science with its results achieved will become more applicable in the society.

The project participants are Ivana Ožanić Roguljić, project co-ordinator,  Kristina Jelinčić Vučković and Kristina Turkalj, the documentarians at ARHINDOKS and staff members of the Institute of Archeology.

Note: Locations are accurate only for the sites that are presented or visible in the area. Precise locations of the observed sites can be obtained on request.


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