The archaeological topography of Croatia in antiquity


The project „Archaeological Topography of Croatia in Antiquity“ focuses on basic and applied research and the creation of an information and documentation database of archaeological sites. The aim is to investigate the entire territory of Croatia (surface, underground and waters) with specific emphasis on the architectural heritage of urban and rural character, including the registered road network (hodology), limes and the study of historical sources and toponymy. The topic includes both indoor research as well as field surveys and archaeological excavations (test, sondage, revision and systematic excavations). Non-invasive archaeological methods—satellite and aerial images and the results of electromagnetic detection (as recommended by the European Convention on the Protection of Archaeological Heritage)—will be used to complement the data from the existing scholarly literature and reports from archaeological excavations. A data bank will be created and plotted on a digital map of Croatia. Each work in the attribute card will be marked on the digital map, to facilitate searching and processing of data. The end result will be a publication of the archaeological topography of Croatia in antiquity. There is a plan to use the results of this research in a number of areas – science (archaeology, history and history of art), environmental protection, spatial planning and construction, tourism, protection of cultural heritage, transport, and in the reconstruction and development of the Republic of Croatia. The Archaeological Topography project is a type of basic research required before any work on archaeological sites, as a first step in the planning of archaeological investigations.

Vlasta Begović


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