Iron Age Female Identities in the Southern Carpathian Basin ● FEMINE (IP-06-2016-1749)

The aim of the proposed Iron Age project, conducted by archaeology in collaboration with anthropological and archaeometallurgical researches, puts the emphasis on the study of different aspects of the Iron Age female social identities, which can be reconstructed from the archaeological record. The project represents a complex study of female burials from six cemeteries in northern Croatia based on analyses of gender, sex, age and grave goods, with special attention to the functional analysis of the grave assemblages which reflect different local communities and shared identities of single individuals. The functional analysis, the manner in which different costume and jewellery elements are composed and associated in various assemblages, provides relevant information regarding the ways in which various individuals and/or different communities chose to visually express their identities and social relationships.

Project’s web-site:

Marko Dizdar, Asja Tonc, Saša Kovačević (Institute of Archaeology, Zagreb), Hrvoje Potrebica (University of Zagreb, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences), Marija Ljuština (University of Belgrade, Faculty of philosophy), Aleksandar Kapuran (Archaeological Institute, Belgrade), Carola Metzner-Nebelsick (Ludwig-Maximillian University, Munich), Aurel Rustoiu (Institute of Archaeology and History of Art of the Romanian Academy of Science, Cluj-Napoca), Mathias Mehofer (University of Vienna, Vienna Institute for Archaeological Science), Mario Novak (Institute for anthropological research, Zagreb), Daria Ložnjak Dizdar (Institute of Archaeology, Zagreb)

Project duration: 1st April 2017 – 31st March 2021

Sites: Batina-Sredno




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