Archaeological Pottery Study Group

The Archaeological Pottery Study Group was established recently at the Institute of Archaeology in collaboration with colleagues from several other institutions, with the aim to facilitate connections between specialists dealing with this topic in Croatia. Another objective of the Group is to act as a forum where one could look for assistance or advice regarding literature, interpretation of finds, or contacts with various scholars in Croatia and abroad.

One of the activities of the Group is the preparation of a Newsletter with the aim to inform the members about events associated with pottery from all periods. If you have information about congresses, workshops, round tables and similar events, please send us a mail at We shall try to send the information collected in this way once a month to all the members of the Group.


Seminar "Abour Roman pottery from Bribir"

Bibliography late roman pottery Pannonia

Bibliography pottery Dalmatia

All those interested in the topic may join the group via the email or by clicking here. You can browse the previous posts in the Newsletter Archives. You can also follow the activity of the Group at

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