Roman medicine

Today all of us know about the Romans because of their diverse material culture, which surrounds us everywhere. However, the intangible Roman heritage is just as popular. In the world of today, doctors, hospitals, medicine… are something completely normal. In antiquity, things were no different. The Romans were also familiar with medicine. Through the programme entitled E-medica, the Institute of Archaeology, the Women’s Gymnasium of the Sisters of Mercy and the School of Midwifery, will hold “Roman Medicine” workshops at the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb. At the workshops, the visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the development of Roman medicine, Roman hospitals and doctors, medical instruments, herbs and treatment of injuries.

The workshops will take place on the 5th October and 16th November at 11 at the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb, on the second floor. Everyone is invited, whether small or big, especially those in the fifth grade of elementary school. You will learn the best cure for, for instance, scorpion sting, or for boredom. Injured gladiators and Roman soldiers are welcome!

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