Žuta lokva

Settlement, town, county: Žuta Lokva, Brinje, Ličko-senjska

Site type: station

Period: Antiquity

Type of excavation:


Excavation manager:

In Roman times the site Žuta Lokva was situated in hinterland of province Dalmatia, its northern part. Žuta Lokva was probably a station  near a road mentioned in Itinerarium Antonini Augusti Ad Aquileia per Liburniam Sisciam (Senia – Avendon – Arrupio – Bibium – Romula – Quadrata – Siscia). Today it is located few meters from a crossroad Senj-Otočac-Brinje. The existence of the site was known from the end of 19th.  It was refound during the building of the road in 1996 when rescue excavations began. Since then it was excavated for several times until 2003. Investigations were conducted by Državna uprava za zaštitu kulturne i prirodne baštine, Glavno povjerenstvo u Zagrebu and Museum of Lika from Gospić. Archaeological excavations revealed a building that had two phases. We can assume that the building of the 1st phase (dimensions 23 x 16 m) was built around the beginning of the 1st CE and probably lasted until third quarter of the 1st CE.  Building of a second phase was bigger (dimensions 30 x 20 m), and according to the finds it was in function until middle of the 2nd CE.
Institute of archaeology in collaboration with Museum of Lika from Gospić is working on a analysis of small finds from Žuta Lokva.

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