Archaeological zone Korintija, Bosar - Sokol

Settlement, town, county: Baška, island of Krk, Primorje-Gorski Kotar County

Site type: settlement, fortification

Period: Late Antiquity, Middle Ages

Type of excavation: systematic excavation, remote sensing, field survey

Institution: Institute of Archaeology

Excavation manager: Dr Bartul Šiljeg

The archaeological zone Korintija, Bosar-Sokol is situated on the easternmost part of the island of Krk, facing the Velebit Channel. The Korintija fort lies on the northern part of the highest peak (129 m) on the Sokol peninsula. The Sokol peninsula is connected to the island by the Bosar isthmus, and separated from the island by two coves: Vela Luka and Mala Luka.

The archaeological investigations carried out at the site introduced modern techniques of investigation at a site that had already been known in the literature from field surveys and architectural surveys of the main buildings (fortification, churches) of this large complex.

The field survey yielded abundant new information about the site. A Late Antique glass workshop from the 5th-6th century was discovered. The finds of slag point to a local workshop of metal objects. Finds of precious stones on the eastern coast indicate the presence of another sacred building that might be associated with the wall with pilaster strips at the so-called position of Kloštar. The collected pottery finds mostly belong to late antique amphorae (LRA 1 and LRA 2, as well as a sphateion).

Remote sensing allowed us to draw a more detailed plan of the site. For instance, two construction phases are visible on the eastern side of Mala Luka, while the remains of a harbour pier can be seen in the sea at the entrance to the cove. The empty space to the north above the settlement was confirmed as the necropolis of the settlement, as corroborated by the excavation near the cella trichora.

The investigations have shed a more comprehensive light on the archaeological zone whose centres are the late antique settlement in Mala Luka and the Korintija fort, which played a role in the maintenance of the important maritime route from Senj to Osor, as well as the coastal routes towards Rijeka.



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