Dr. Bartul Šiljeg, research associate

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Tel: +385-1-415-1908

Bartul Šiljeg was born in 1966 in Metković, where he attended school. He graduated in Archaeology at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb in 1997. He received his Master's degree in 2001 (“Military architecture of Justinian's age in the northern Croatian coastal region“') and his PhD in 2006 (“Late Antiquity settlement research in the Croatian Littoral with the application of the remote sensing method“) from the Department of Archaeology, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Zagreb.

He has been working at the Institute of Archaeology in Zagreb since 1997 and in 2013 he was reappointed to the academic title of research associate. Since 1997, he has been continuously participating in scientific-research projects dealing with Croatia's mediaeval archaeological heritage: “Mediaeval Archaeological Heritage of Continental Croatia (1997-2002), “Mediaeval Archaeological Heritage of Croatia (5th-16th century)” (2002-2006), and “Mediaeval Archaeological Heritage of Croatia (5th-17th century)” (2007) (all led by Prof. Željko Tomičić). Since 2007 he has been participating in the project “The northern Croatian coastland within the context of the Classical Antiquity defence system“, led by Dr. Goranka Lipovac Vrkljan.

He led multiannual investigations in Baška (Archaeological zone Korintija, Bosar-Sokol), near Tar (Stancija Blek) and in Voćin (church of the Visits of the Blessed Virgin Mary). He was deputy manager of the investigations at Zvonimirovo - Veliko polje, Crikvenica-Igralište, Ilok - Court of the Dukes of Ilok, Lopar-Podšilo. He participated in numerous archaeological investigations in Croatia and abroad. He was involved in the organisation of scientific colloquia in Crikvenica in 2008 and 2011. He took part in the project “Experimental archaeology – a replica of a Roman pottery kiln in Crikvenica 2011“. He is co-author of the exhibition: “Archaeological topography: a journey through Lopar's past“ (2014). He is deputy editor-in-chief and the graphics editor of the “Newsletter of the Scientific Council for Remote Sensing“ and a member of the editorial board of the journal “Contributions of the Institute of Archaeology in Zagreb“.

He is a member of the Executive Committee and Head of the Section for Archaeology and Historical Heritage of the Scientific Council for Remote Sensing at the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts. He is a member of the European Association of Archaeologists, the Aerial Archaeology Research Group, the Centre for Experimental Archaeology and the Study Group for Ceramics in Archaeology.

His research interests are connected to Late Antiquity, the Middle Ages, remote sensing, fortifications and glass.




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