Dr Ana Konestra, research associate

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Ana Konestra was born in Rijeka in 1983. She graduated from the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Udine with a BA in Conservation of Cultural Heritage (Archaeology) in 2006 and an MA in Archaeology in 2010. Since 2010, she has been a doctoral student of Humanities – Archaeology at the University of Zadar, and since 2012, a graduate student of Archaeology of the eastern Adriatic at the Department of Archaeology of the same University. Her dissertation is in “Italic terra sigillata and thin-walled pottery in the area of northern Liburnia: typology, chronology and distribution“ (mentor: Dr. G. Lipovac Vrkljan).

She joined the Institute of Archaeology as a junior researcher in 2012. Since 2013, she has been participating in the project “Archaeological topography of the island of Rab“ (Institute of Archaeology, Ministry of Culture – Conservation Department in Rijeka). She also participated as an associate – junior researcher in the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports project “Northern Croatian littoral within the context of the Classical Antiquity defence system“, led by Dr. Goranka Lipovac Vrkljan, from 2012 to 2014. Since 2010, she has been participating as an associate tasked with analysing Roman ceramics in the R.I.M.E.M. (Ricerche sugli Insediamenti Mediaevali dell' Entroterra Marchigiano) project, led by Prof. Umberto Moscatelli from the University in Macerata (Italy). From 2014 she is a collaborator on the project „RED: Roman Economy in Dalmatia: production, distribution and demand in the light of pottery workshops“ lead by G. Lipovac Vrkljan and founded by the Croatian Science Foundation. In December 2013, she spent a month in Rome with a one-month scholarship of the École Française de Rome. She was an associate in the field investigations of the sites Aquileia “Grandi terme“, Attimis “San Giorgio“, Lopar “Podšilo“, Drivenik “Kaštel“, Casarsa della Delizia “S. Croce“, San Vito al Tagliamento “ex case Pasut“, and deputy site manager at the sites Tar “Stancija Blek“ and Crikvenica “Igralište“. She also took part in field surveys of the areas of the Attimis and Faedis municipalities (Udine, Italy), the valleys of the rivers Chienti and Fiastrone (Macerata, Italy), and the area of Pod Kotor (Crikvenica) and Tribalj (Vinodol), and as deputy site manager in the field investigations of the area of the Lopar municipality (island of Rab).

She is a member of the organisational committee of the 3rd International Archaeological Colloquium “Roman ceramic and glass manufactures. Production and trade in the Adriatic region“ (Crikvenica 2014) as well as of the scientific and organisational committees of the international conference TRADE: Transformation of Adriatic Europe (2nd-9th c.) to be held in Zadar in February 2016. She is co-author of the exhibitions “Archaeological topography: a journey through Lopar's past“ (Municipality of Lopar, 2014) and “845°C“ (Crikvenica Municipal Museum, 2014, forthcoming). She is a member of the editorial board of the proceedings of the II international archaeological colloquium “Roman ceramic and glass manufactures. Production and trade in the Adriatic region“.

Her research activities include Roman pottery and the pottery of Late Antiquity with an emphasis on the northern Adriatic region, especially Early Imperial fine tableware of Italic origin, and topics related to the production of ceramics and ceramics manufactures. She is also interested in the methodology of field surveys, GIS systems and data banks in archaeology.




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