In the context of the Institute of Archaeology opening up to opportunities for collaboration on projects with related national and foreign institutions it is of the utmost importance to formalize such collaboration by signing collaboration agreements. This is why the Institute will continue and intensify its efforts on establishing collaboration and concluding collaboration agreements with new related institutions in the Republic of Croatia and abroad.

In 2014 alone, the Institute of Archaeology concluded several important collaboration agreements with foreign, as well as national scientific, cultural and museum institutions, its future partners. Some of the agreements refer to specific projects, but most collaboration agreements are of a general nature and provide a good framework for future collaboration.

Thus in 2014, by signing a letter of intent for collaboration with the University of Bradford, UK ( the Institute became an associate partner on the ENTRANS project (Encounters and transformations in Iron Age Europe,, led by the University of Bradford, with the University of Ljubljana and the University of Zagreb as partners. The project is funded by the European Union (HERA, Humanities in the European Research Area,

A number of other institutions have recognized in the Institute of Archaeology a potentially reliable and quality partner, and decided to establish a formal framework for future collaboration by signing a collaboration agreement or letter of intent. The following can be singled out:

Among Croatian scientific, cultural and museum institutions that since 2014 decided to formalize collaboration with the Institute of Archaeology, the following can be singled out:

It should be noted that the Institute had already had a long-term and fruitful collaboration with the majority of the institutions with which some kind of agreement on collaboration was signed, thereby formalizing this collaboration. An example is the long-term participation by the Institute's staff in undergraduate and postgraduate courses at the Universities of Zagreb, Zadar, Rijeka and Ljubljana.

It has already been acknowledged that formal agreements on collaboration are extremely important, and such agreements were signed with the following institutions:

Prior to 2014, collaboration was formalized with a number of museum institutions in Croatia, and a number of collaboration agreements were signed.

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